Note: All ideas and approaches contained within the pages of this web site were developed long before I taught in Douglas County School District and they are the intellectual property of Teddy H. Goldman


This painting is called “Walking on Eggshells” Real painted eggshell’s were used in a creative way.

The Artist, Amy, was in 11th grade when she created this piece. The perspective is unique. The road was done with painted egg shells. Her father is a very talented and well known painter from China. The piece below was created using Watercolor’s. Amy’s work is exceptional both in technique and in concept.

I hope it inspires other student’s to continue to practice and learn.



I also teach digital art through Photoshop and Painter 12. A big part of learning digital art is developing “Creativity”



Art has little do with talent. It has everything to do with with developing a sense of design and learning real artistic skills and techniques. Its about the active development of awakening artistic abilities. Yes, being genetically gifted is a plus. But almost anyone can learn to be very proficient in art. In my classes, I attempt to instill a sense of design and composition. I teach how to develop and sharpen abilities in painting, drawing. I want students to reach for a high level of artistic perception. Expertise in all mediums can be learned. Progress is based on a student’s ability to focus and their passion for learning. If you have a chance, go to my posts and read what students are saying about my class. My art course is an experience worth having!


Something New

All students…This is a requirement: You Must Create A Pinterest Account-Counts up to fifteen points of your final grade. This Pinterest account is just for my class. It will contain interesting Pinterest learning assignments and it is an effective way for both the student and the teacher to track progress. This will be discussed in the first class.


Links worth Exploring:

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The visual arts invite students to explore realms of thought that move away from the mundane and ordinary to the festive, the ritualistic, the spiritual, the fantastic, the world of perception and observation, the incongruous, the playful, the elusive, the transcendent, the clouded and mysterious, the devious, the captivating, the anxious, the sublime, the obsessive, the eminent, the revelatory, and the evocative. They involve goal seeking, persistence, overcoming obstacles, and a search. If we are to remain a nation of prime movers, of originators or creators, we must give students an opportunity to exercise these qualities at every stage of their education.

Walter Askin Professor Emeritus



Deadline-Thursday January 7th




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