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This painting is called “Walking on Eggshells” Real painted eggshell’s were used in a creative way.

The Artist, Amy, was in 11th grade when she created this piece. Her work is brilliant! The perspective is creative and very unique. The road was done with painted egg shells. The piece below was created using Watercolor paint and egg shells for the path. Amy’s work is exceptional both in technique and in concept. This piece won gold for scholastics nationwide!


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I hope it inspires other student’s to continue to practice and learn.



I also teach Digital Art through Photoshop. A big part of learning digital art is developing “Creativity” This is an emphasis in my classes.

My Art Philosophy

Art has little do with talent. It has everything to do with with developing a sense of design and learning real artistic skills and techniques. Its about the active development of awakening artistic abilities. Yes, being genetically gifted is a plus. But almost anyone can learn to be very proficient in art. In my classes, I attempt to instill a sense of design and composition. I teach how to develop and sharpen abilities in painting, drawing. I want students to reach for a high level of artistic perception. Expertise in all mediums can be learned. Progress is based on a student’s ability to focus and their passion for learning. If you have a chance, go to my posts and read what students are saying about my class. My art course is an experience worth having!


The visual arts invite students to explore realms of thought that move away from the mundane and ordinary to the festive, the ritualistic, the spiritual, the fantastic, the world of perception and observation, the incongruous, the playful, the elusive, the transcendent, the clouded and mysterious, the devious, the captivating, the anxious, the sublime, the obsessive, the eminent, the revelatory, and the evocative. They involve goal seeking, persistence, overcoming obstacles, and a search. If we are to remain a nation of prime movers, of originators or creators, we must give students an opportunity to exercise these qualities at every stage of their education.

Walter Askin Professor Emeritus

 My Classes create amazing art…..


AP Art – Watercolor and Newspaper


AP Art -Watercolor


Graphic’s 1


Pencil-Drawing and Painting II


Drawing and Painting II


Drawing and Painting II



Graphics 1

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  1. Mediocre is something that is unoriginal while excellent pieces grab your attention immediately and shows originality. Excellent pieces are also very creative and the idea isn’t stolen from another artist.

    The piece of the green umbrella is very mediocre because I’ve seen it before just with another color. The red/black/white Thomas Dodd piece is also mediocre because it doesn’t look like much time was put into it (looks just like filters stacked on top of each other).

    The piece of the cat underwater is excellent because I’ve never seen anything like that before. It takes something humans do and replace the people with a cat and mouse. The piece has a strong movement portion to it because I look all around the piece (clouds to cat to mouse).

    The Sin City piece with the orange cigarette is very creative because the artist went out of the red and white box to add another color which makes the piece different from the others. This piece is very original. This piece’s main point is contrast because the colors pop and are very visually pleasing.

    – Schroeder

  2. Mediocre Graphics consist of boring and overdone topics, however well done they may be. They don’t display “out of the box” thinking and don’t leave you wanting to take a second glance. Excellent graphics are pieces that stay with you even long after you’ve seen it. They display creativity and are unique to other pieces on the same topic. I feel that the picture of the girl walking in the rain with a green umbrella is mediocre because it’s boring and overdone. Although the artist did a good job editing the picture, it wasn’t enough to make it stand out in a crowd. The cat and mouse scene where they’re on the stairs with weapons and are fighting is mediocre as well. Besides not photoshopping in the cat very well, the scene is mundane and doesn’t stay with me after I’ve seen it. An excellent example of cat and mouse is the picture of the cat underwater with a snorkel mask on and the mouse in a boat fishing with a fake mouse on the end of his pole. This piece is incredibly unique and creative, when I first saw it I wanted to look at it again so that I could learn from it. It was also photoshopped very well with no signs of mistakes on the cat or mouse. This piece has great patterns and proportions. The main color you see when you look at the piece is blue, due to the sky and water, and the clouds in the background of the picture are smaller to show they are further away. The Sin City poster with the man lighting a cigarette in a dark alleyway is also an excellent piece. It demonstrates creativity with the light from the cigarette instead of just painting in a person’s tie or having blood in the picture, etc. You get a great sense of focus when you look at this picture, because all you want to look at is the man with the cigarette. – McMann

  3. 1. The difference between mediocre and excellent graphics is determined on how creative the project. A project that is excellent makes you surprised and amazed by what you see, whereas a mediocre project doesn’t leave a lasting effect. Deciding if something is mediocre or excellent is not based on how well the piece is created, it is based on how well the idea is composed. When something is mediocre it does not mean that it is composed bad, it just means that it could have more creative aspects. When something is excellent, you can see that they put a lot of thought in creating the idea for the picture.
    2. The picture with the green umbrella is mediocre because it is an idea that anyone could think of. The magazine cover for Mellow Kitchen is mediocre because it is a basic concept, even though it is executed extremely well.
    3. The picture with the the mouse fishing for the cat is excellent because it is really surprising when you look at it and it is not something that everyone could think of creating. The picture with the two cats looking up at the cloud shaped like a mouse is excellent because the obvious choice for this project is to have a cat and a mouse scheming against each other.

  4. In my opinion, the difference between mediocre and excellent art is simple. If effort and creativity is involved in the process, that constructs potential for a great piece. I think that taking the time to plan out an idea is an integral part to creating excellent pieces of art. It is also my understanding that not caring about the work you spotlight to the public shows mediocre art. This also demonstrates a mediocre artist. The difference between mediocre art and excellent art is the overall time, effort and creativity that someone puts into each piece.

    I think that the piece with the mouse lighting off a bomb next to a sleeping cat is mediocre. I think that the artist limited their idea to only safe options and did not go out of the box. If more time and creativity was put into it, I can see it being really good.
    I think that the Sin City piece with the two characters up close and the men with the red hats is a mediocre piece. In my mind, they could have made the two emphasized characters feel like they belong more to the environment.
    I think that the Thomas Dodd piece with the girl and the roses was a flawless execution of the artist’s style. The piece to me contemplate if it was professional or not and it created amazing tone. The piece gives a great sense of balance as the red and the bright skin compliment each other without taking away from anything.
    The cat and mouse piece with the mouse that drew on the cat is a great piece. Pieces like this explicitly demonstrate how time and planning makes for a great piece. This is very unique and takes a new spin on the pranks that we are used to seeing between the characters. This piece has great focus, it emphasizes the cats face and directs the viewer to the humor.

  5. 1. The difference between mediocre and excellent is that mediocre is something that you expect. Excellence is going above the standards and it is something that stands out and that people will remember. The definition of mediocre is “of only moderate quality” and this means that something is merely average. The definition of excellent is “extremely good, outstanding”, which means that if something is excellent, it stands out, it is unique, and leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. Mediocre is not necessarily bad, it is just average, like a typical and bland thing that most people are used to. Excellent is something that is magnificent and superb, it really catches the eye.

    2. One piece that was mediocre was the Sin City one that says “August 2005, Not Yet Rated” in the bottom right corner. The reason it is mediocre is because the designer colored the woman’s lips red and I completely expected that. Also, the person colored a few of the hats of the people in the background, which, again, I expected. Furthermore, the title, “Sin City” was colored in a bland, dark red. If the color was brighter and more vibrant it would really add to the piece. Another piece that was mediocre was the Cat VS Mouse one where the cat and mouse were on a set of stairs and the cat was holding a hatchet while the mouse was holding a sword. I think it is a good start to an idea, but it could be much better. I expected the cat and mouse to be in some kind of a battle and the idea was just really simple. The main reason that I think it’s mediocre is because the idea was very predictable and I was left wanting more.

    3. One piece that was excellent was the one of a fire in the background and a girl with the opacity
    lowered with a tear running from her eye. The reason I thought this piece was excellent was because it created a mood for me. I could feel the girl’s emotions and I felt like she was having a flashback of a previous terrible event. It really left a mark on me. Another excellent piece was the Thomas Dodd one where there was a picture of a girl on the right and on the left there was a moon and roses. I thought it was excellent because it looked professional and like something Thomas Dodd would create. The fact that it looks like a painting as well makes it so much more interesting. This was an idea I did not expect and left me pleasantly surprised. The Thomas Dodd piece had the art principle of balance. Everything was very calm and peaceful and felt right. Every area of the painting gave me the same feeling and it was very balanced. Also, everything had unity. Everything in the painting worked well with each other to create a great piece.

    -Laurie Chien

  6. 1.What is the difference between Mediocre and Excellent graphics.
    The difference between and mediocre and Excellent piece is creativity. A mediocre piece is something that doesn’t show much uniqueness, like you’ve seen it before a hundred times. Keep in mind it doesn’t mean that the piece was done bad it just lacks creativity. An excellent piece strikes emotion into who ever views it, it makes people want to view it because its new and exciting. An excellent piece doesn’t have to be very well done to be excellent, but it does help a lot.

    2.Choose two pictures in the gallery that are mediocre. Describe them and explain why.

    The first piece I chose was the mellow kitchen magazine cover. This is mediocre because it feels like i’ve seen it before, and frankly that magazine seems boring with the name “mellow kitchen”. However this piece was really well done, but that doesn’t stop it from being mediocre.

    The second piece I chose was a cat and mouse where the mouse was holding a mallet. This is mediocre because it feels like every single Tom & Jerry cartoon and rehashes the same story it does.

    3.Choose two pictures that are excellent. Describe them and explain why. Describe one art principle listed below that was used in the piece.

    The first piece was another cat and mouse where the mouse drew on the sleeping cat’s face. It’s excellent because it tells and original story and it’s funny, it draws the looker in. The image gives good focus to what it wants you to look at

    The second piece is a Thomas Dodd where her face is black and red. It really draws in the lookers because it uses interesting colors and is not expected. It really gives contrast to the whole image


  7. There is, obviously, going to be a difference between Mediocre and Excellent graphic art. However, it’s not exactly what you would expect. Most people will probably automatically think that the difference is in the lighting. Or maybe they’ll think it’s in the shadows. They might say the difference is in how good the background is or if a character in the piece is in a good place or position. The truth is, the difference between Mediocre and Excellent graphic art is the idea. Mediocre art is art that looks unoriginal and somewhat the same as other pieces or examples of art. Excellent art is something that looks different from everything else, something that you rarely see, something that leaves a lasting impression, something you won’t easily forget. So the difference between Mediocre and Excellent art is not necessarily the details in the piece, but the idea that it portrays.

    The picture of the mouse about to light a bomb next to a cat in it’s bed is mediocre because it’s very similar to the examples found on Mr. Goldman’s website, almost a copy in fact. The ‘Striking Color’ piece of a girl holding a bright green umbrella is also mediocre. It’s quite easy for anyone to do and you could easily find other images just like it.

    The ‘Striking Color’ picture of the wolf with glowing yellow eyes is an excellent piece. Most people would just change the color of the eyes, which isn’t very memorable or creative. But in this piece, the artist made the eyes glow and light up the image, also creating focus.. It’s different from what everyone else would do and leaves a lasting impression. One ‘Sin City’ project is excellent for a couple reasons. It doesn’t show the regular gangster, with some gun. This one has a lighter instead and he lit something on fire. The text in the piece is also different, with a gritty, dirty kind of look, instead of fancy one. Another thing about this image is that it follows the classic circular movement that directs the viewer’s eye into and around the painting.

    – Rustad
    Period 2

  8. 1)Mediocre is something that is unoriginal, ordinary and at some times boring. It isn’t interesting and does not look professional or creative. Also, mediocre doesn’t catch the eye, because it isn’t unique. But, excellent is pretty much what mediocre is not. Excellent graphics are very appealing to the eye and mind of the person viewing it. It is unique, creative, interesting, professional and more.

    2) One piece of mediocre artwork in the gallery is the girl in black and white holding the bright green umbrella. It may be appealing to the eye, but it is not creative or unique. This piece of artwork is just a picture colored in with green. Another mediocre piece is the cat holding the hammer above the sitting mouse. This piece isn’t excellent because it isn’t telling a story about the cat and mouse and they are not interacting with one another.

    3)I think an excellent piece of artwork is the striking color with the wolf in the snow. This is a great piece because of it’s focus. The eye is led toward the bright color in the snow by the wolf and is extremely unique and creative. Without the color the eye would feel lost, but with the color it makes the piece interesting. The piece is a perfect example of focus. Another excellent piece of artwork would be the Thomas Dodd piece with the woman, the rose and the moon in the background. This is an excellent piece because it is simple, but unique and has great contrast. The dark background brings the color out in the roses and the moon, and the light skin of the woman. Contrast is used greatly in this project because of that.


  9. The difference between Mediocre and Excellent is Mediocre is just plain boring but its almost there but not full potential. Excellent is beyond and great. A excellent piece of work would not be ordinary its new and it catches the eye. It grabs you in.

    The girl with the umbrella is mediocre. It is just one color it is way to easy

    The cat and mouse one with the bomb is just a copy its to easy.

    The underwater cat is excellent because it is new and it is not a example. it is a brand new idea

    The wolf with glowing eyes is excellent. It is out of the ordinary and a wonderful depth.

  10. 1. I believe the difference between mediocre and excellent graphics art work all comes down to the creativity and time put into the project. The time someone puts into a project really shows, and shows how much something means to them. The creativity and thought put into a project can make or break whether something is mediocre or excellent. The creativity in a project allows for the person looking to feel an emotion or become drawn into it. Putting time and creativity into your project gives it substance and makes it an excellent piece.
    2. I think the umbrella and the cat with an axe were mediocre. The umbrella project looks nice but lacks in creativity and time. It looks as if it took them 5 minutes to put it together. The cat with the axe also looks very simplistic, and i can tell not much time was put into it because of how the cats fur looks, it also lack in creativity. The shadows were also very lazily done and overall could be much better.
    3. I think the cat underwater was an excellent piece because of the time i know they spent putting all of the pieces together. They also had to think outside of the box and come up with a very original idea. This piece was very well done in my opinion and deserves recognition. I think that the mouse with the sharpie was very creative but could have used more time to make it an outstanding piece. I think it is excellent due to the fact of its uniqueness and overall creativity. I also think it brought an emotion of laughter and playing jokes on people which can resonate with many. I think this piece showed focus due to the fact of the main thing being the sharpie on the cats face. There are no distractions in the photo and it is focused on the cat and mouse.
    -Wood Period 2

  11. 1) I think the difference between mediocre art and excellent art is how the person went about creating the art. Did the artist take their time?, be creative?, put effort into what they were working on? and most of all, were they patient and didn’t give up? In my opinion, I think that anyone can put together some kind of artwork and call it goods. When I look at a piece, I can tell if someone took their time on it because to me, it looks creative and stands out from someone else’s. “It’s unique”. Not caring about what you work on can also show through with the final piece and when someone looks at the art, they’ll probably consider it as mediocre.

    2) Mediocre:
    I think the picture of the cat that’s sitting on the stairs with an Ax and the mouse holding a knife is mediocre because one, the background doesn’t make me feel intrigued or make me laugh in a funny way that I think the image is supposed to. I think the artist could of put a little more thought into the placement of the characters and what kind of background best fits the Dynamic Duo they were going for.
    The Sin City picture of the up close man wearing a hat and the distanced girl is mediocre because when I see the image, it makes me feel like the image is two different images/ parts. I don’t think it looks “Sin City” enough and the characters look as if they were just pasted into the canvas. There’s just two different environment feels that don’t work for the image.

    3) Excellent:
    I think that the Thomas Dodd of the girl in the corner of the canvas with the roses and the moon was excellent because all the layers and objects in the art all work well together. It’s creative and unique. The image shows balance and nothing from the image takes away from another part. It also shows a circular motion and when the eyes look at the image, they never come off the page.
    The Wolf artwork with the light shooting out of the eyes was created very well. It gives a mood of warmness but yet at the same time a dark and cold feeling. The background and the yellow color from the wolf’s eyes compliment each other well too. You can tell the artist put a lot of thought and creativity into the art. I really enjoyed looking at the piece because I had never seen something like that before.
    This piece focused on emphasis very well because as everything else in the image was black and white, the beaming light of yellow caught my attention first and then continued onto the rest of the image. It was also probably the most important part of the image the artist wanted to convey.
    – Herrod

  12. What is the difference between Mediocre and Excellent graphics?
    Mediocre is a picture that you will forget shortly after looking at it. You see it, say “That’s pretty cool I guess”, then keep on walking. Excellent is attention-grabbing. It makes the person stop in their trails and analyze the picture without knowing it. It’s a picture that is good enough to the point where the person will have no questions after walking away.

    Choose two pictures in the gallery that are mediocre. Describe them and explain why.
    The piece with the cat and mouse on the stairs holding weapons is very mediocre in my opinion. The weapons are added to the picture fantastically but the overall idea has been used before and it isn’t as well done as previous pictures. The meme addiction collage is also a mediocre piece because of the lack of “flow”. On most collages that are done well, your eyes will automatically circle the picture and jump from one picture to the other in the collage. On this piece you have to force your eyes to look at the pictures of the collage independently.

    Choose two pictures that are excellent. Describe them and explain why. Describe one art principle listed below that was used in the piece.
    The piece with the glowing eye of the wolf is most certainly excellent. The shadows underneath the wolf, the reflection of the light on the ground from his eye, the darkness of the background… Everything about it is perfect. The cat and mouse with the cat underwater is another excellent piece. The way they portrayed the “underwater” look is amazing. The size of the cat is large, but proportional to the size of the mouse. Also the idea of a mouse fishing with another mouse is a very creative idea.

    -Andriese, Period 2

  13. 1. Mediocre graphics are much more common than Excellent graphics. Mediocre graphics are ideas that have been used multiple times even if it is done very well and professionally, if it is an idea used multiple times, it’s a mediocre graphic. If the artist creates something completely original and doesn’t create something that has been done multiple times in the past, it is excellent.
    2. a. The girl walking down the road with an umbrella in the rain is mediocre because although it was done well by the artist, it is a striking color idea that has been used over and over again and wasn’t very original.
    b. The cat and mouse graphic with the mouse about to hit the cat on the head with a hammer is also mediocre. Although the project was done well, it wasn’t original because that idea of the cat and mouse has been used countless times.
    3. a. The mad scientist project with the green guy with his eyes going in different directions is a very excellent graphic. It is simple, yet very original and it was done professionally. The way he made his eyes go in different directions was very creative and slight distortions made it seem exactly like a mad scientist. This piece has both focus and contrast because you can focus on his eyes and the color of his skin and the color of the liquid. The colors also contrast well with the dark background.
    b. The cat and mouse project with the mouse fishing a fake mouse to lure a cat underwater is an excellent piece. It is very creative because it shows a cat scuba diving and a mouse fisherman, both of which require imagination. It isn’t very complex, but it shows a high level of creativity. This piece shows movement because of the waves and the way the cat is looking like he is about to lunge at the fake mouse.

  14. Mediocre is something that is original, excellent is something that keeps your eye on the page and doesn’t bore you to death.

    An example of mediocre would be the girl walking in the rain with the bright green umbrella. This is mediocre because it is original and you’d expect to see that kind of work. The next example of mediocre would be the one with the cat and mouse on the stairs because the cat doesn’t look like it’s actually on the stairs, and the mouse’s shadow isn’t even touching the mouse it’s like it’s just hovering beside it. An example of excellent would be the mouse fishing and the cat being under water. This piece is excellent because you wouldn’t expect it, the clouds were drawn well and all the shadows were done great. Another example of excellent would be the piece with the wolves eyes being lit up orange, and how it looks like everything is drawn instead of everything being pictures.


  15. 1. What is the difference between Mediocre and Excellent graphics?
    In my opinion, a mediocre project is something that anyone can think of and put together in a short amount of time. A mediocre project usually is not inspirational because people have seen it many times. Mediocre artists usually take less time and effort to plan out and put their project together. Their creativity and art might not grab someone’s attention, no matter how well it is done. On the other hand, an artist who has excellent artwork generally takes more time, thought, and effort to plan out and create a great piece. An excellent project grabs peoples’ attention and usually is inspiring and/or fascinating; it is an out of the box idea and has creativity and originality to it.

    2. Choose two pictures in the gallery that are mediocre. Describe them and explain why.
    I think the picture with the girl walking with a green umbrella is mediocre. I have seen multiple pictures like that. I think that it lacks originality and creativity. The second piece I think is mediocre is the cat and mouse one with the mouse lighting the bomb. It doesn’t have originality and I have seen ideas similar to that multiple times before.

    3. Choose two pictures that are excellent. Describe them and explain why. Describe one art principle listed below that was used in the piece.
    I think the wolf with the eyes glowing was an excellent project. The artist not only colored the eyes but made them glow which was very unique. An art principle used in this piece is focus. The second piece I think is excellent is the cat and mouse project with the two cats staring at the mouse clouds. It is an idea that is original; not many people create a project like this when thinking of a cat and mouse. An art principle used in this piece is balance.

    -Jakatdar, Period 2

  16. 1) Mediocre graphics are what graphics that are expected, unoriginal, and/or uncreative. Excellent graphics are inspired, original, memorable, and creative. While both can be very good on a technical scale, what sets the two apart is the content and ideas of the piece. Mediocre graphics are not necessarily bad, but do not stand out. Excellent graphics are usually imaginative and different– this is what sets them apart from all of the other graphics which vie for the attention of the viewer, and what makes them more memorable to their audience.
    2) The picture of the girl with the green umbrella is mediocre. It is an image of a girl walking down the street with a with an umbrella. The umbrella is a bright green; it is the only color in the piece. While the piece is pretty, and well executed, it is not particularly original or creative; it is also exactly what one might expect as a striking color piece. For these reasons, it is mediocre, and not excellent. There are even two pictures very similar to it up on Mr. Goldmans’s website. Therefore, while well-executed, this image does nothing to stand out from the others.
    The picture of the wolf with the glowing yellow eyes is excellent. It is a picture of a wolf in the woods with bright yellow, glowing eyes which are the only color in the piece. There is no other piece like it from the graphics classes, and it gives the viewer a feeling of mystery and fantasy. There is more to the piece than just one element of the picture colored in nicely. It makes use of the color in a powerful and memorable way. For these reasons, the piece is excellent.
    3) Two excellent pieces are the one of the mouse fishing for the cat, and the one of the woman and the roses (from the Thomas-Dodd assignment). The former is a picture of a mouse on a boat with a fishing pole which uses a mouse toy as bait for a cat which lurks below in the depths of the sea. The latter is of a portrait of a mysterious-looking woman with a bouquet of red roses and a foreboding full moon. Dead trees are used as an overlay which contribute to the dark and mysterious mood of the piece. This piece has great balance. The girl, who is the focus of the piece, is on the right, so this is where the eye is initially draw. On the left is the bouquet of flowers, which are brighter than the rest of the piece (which also goes along with contrast), gives more the piece a dynamic feel. The moon draws the eye up to the top of the piece on the left side, which creates a circular motion, but also keeps it balanced.

    –Stenberg (period 2)

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